Spring Break: 2021 Covid-19 Chronicles and Tips for Getting Fun

Its a few days to the spring, and the uncertainty hovering in the air is dense and proliferating with each passing hour. The years 2020 and 2021 have created cracks on a holiday that has ben celebrated since the 1930s. Well, not always a happy story everyday.

Although Spring Break is always a vacation-filled experience, this time it will more likely be a staycation-filled experience. With the ongoing pandemic bringing down the world to its knees, it is more likely than not that most people will stay at home this spring break.

So, what is in for the spring break getaway? For this unwilling to undergo nasal swabs to board a flight, or do not want to risk their families in crowded Miami beach, there are a fun other things to engage you.

  1. Time to Know your Home

Yes, I know you day this is stupid, and that you know your home. But trust me, you don’t! Most people spend most of their time at work and only a limited day-time at home. And even for that limited daytime, it is mainly used in having meals, watching, relaxing, and family activities.

For this spring break, get to know every corner of your home. Go to the roof and check how things are up there — you might even enjoy the view itself. Check under your chairs and bed, maybe that is where the old remote got lost to. Go to your garage and have some fun — you might find you had an unfinished business there. In short, just get to know your home ‘inside out’.

2. Explore your Backyard and Garden

Who doesn’t love nature? Well, this is a good chance to undergo a “spiritual recharge and maintenance”. Go to your garden and find awe in the flowers and freshness. If you are in for some gardening activities, visit myshears.com to learn on different garden tools and how you can use them to make your backyard and garden more magnificent.

And there you are!

Don’t let your spring break be dull. Don’t let Covid-19 think it has won. And for what is worth, 2022 spring break will soon be here with us; time for some revenge huh:)

So, which other fun activities do you think are worth it during this spring break? Let’s spread the love!

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